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The World of Playing Cards Newsletter - Playing Cards all about medicine and health

The World of Playing Cards Newsletter - Playing Cards all about medicine and health
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Hello there, 
As we must stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus, it might be an opportunity to dig out some old card games. Taking care of your mind as well as your body is important and playing cards have been a relaxing family pastime for centuries. For your entertainment we have selected a number of health-related packs to share in this newsletter, perhaps you have some others at home. We are all finding the current situation difficult, staying in touch can help and we look forward to hearing your positive feedback.

Coricidin Demilets pharmaceutical playing cards on the attack against the cold bug published by Schering Corporation, 1967: 
Cefacidal playing cards with medical cartoons on every card by Offset Cecil S.A., Peru, c.1975:
Happy Families game for Laboratoires Modernes Le Havre promoting herbal products, c.1930:
Health & Safety cartoon deck made specially for Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Unfallforschung, Dortmund, 1978:
Humorous pharmaceutical deck made by van Genechten for Bayer, c.1963. Medical products are juggled by the jokers:
Roche Pharmaceutical playing cards from Argentina, 1980s:
Davenol Cough Linctus Happy Families, probably 1960s:
“Food Exchange“ playing cards designed by Ralph Dobson and produced for the British Diabetic Association, 1973. The objective of the game is to teach players about diet:
Merry Andrews Happy Families featuring Andrews Liver Salt, published by Scott & Turner Ltd, 1936:
Advertising deck for Mos Burger, one of the largest hamburger chains in Japan, 2015. The suit symbols are lettuce, chili peppers, onions and tomatoes:
At this time we all depend on the skills and commitment of our health care professionals, and we wish everyone a safe passage back to normal social and economic times. Remember that in time, this will pass..
Best wishes to everyone
Adam Wintle
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