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Introducing The World of Playing Cards Newsletter
By The World of Playing Cards • Issue #1 • View online
Hello friends,
Over 20 years since the World of Playing Cards began we’ve decided to launch a newsletter. Here is the first issue! WoPC is going into its 24th year and looking to the future!
Our daily visitors include graphic artists, game designers, bloggers, collectors, tattooists, teachers, curators, historians, etc. We attract a very broad audience, including yourself!
We’ve decided use the Patreon website for us to accept memberships and donations to help support the creation of WoPC.

We appreciate your support to continue sharing our knowledge freely. Our Patreon page makes it easier for you to donate any amount towards website maintenance, researching new material and time-consuming editorial work. This helps us to keep growing.
With over 2,700+ articles already published, this year we’ve added 70+ more to the site, below is a roundup of some of our best from 2019.
Chinese Jokers
Egyptian Tarot
Bicycle Emotions
Naipes Cardón
Is Card Collecting an Investment?
Thank you
I hope you enjoyed you enjoyed this selection of articles, and if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like we look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again,
Adam Wintle
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The World of Playing Cards

Making a contribution to general awareness and appreciation of this fascinating subject that encompasses so much social history, play and art.

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